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What We Do

The Michael and Henrietta Olupona Foundation strives to make a difference in Nigeria through the education of future leaders. Our goal is to bring peace and stability in Nigeria by giving the youth the educational tools to become inspiring leaders that will uplift the entire Nigerian community.

Contributions are allocated to carefully selected programs and projects that will advance our cause and have an impact on the ground in Nigeria. One of our main project and current focus is to build Nigeria’s first Institute of Advanced Studies in Ile-Ife, Nigeria. Learn more here.

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Our Story

Michael and Henrietta Olupona were Christian missionaries who dedicated their lives to working among various Anglican communities in Southwestern Nigerian. Henrietta Olupona was an educator who was especially committed to the education of young girls.

The Olupona Foundation was established by their son Jacob to continue the Oluponas’ work in projects that reflect their dedication to their community, their commitment to education, and their desire to expand religious dialogue and understanding.

In 2015, pushed by his conviction that peace and robust and healthy community could only be achieved through better education of future Nigerian leaders, Professor Olupona founded the Olupona Foundation to bring peace and stability through the development of education, leadership and communities.

The Olupona Foundation for Education, Equality and Peace is an approved 501 (c) (3) charitable foundation.

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Our Mission & Vision

Our Vision

A socially, economically and spiritually strong Nigeria made possible through education, peace and equal opportunity for all.

Our Mission

Education is simply the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to another.

(G.K. Chesterton)


At the Olupona Foundation, we embrace the idea that education is at the heart of fundamental societal changes. Our mission is:

  1. To empower youth to achieve literacy and spiritual knowledge so they can build a peaceful and harmonious future for themselves and their communities and;

  2. To improve access to quality education from Nigeria’s underserved communities by helping develop Nigeria’s future generation of educational leaders and promoting social engagement.


We will do so by raising funds to develop and support programs that are both economically feasible and locally impactful.

what we do
Our Story
Our Mission & Vision
Our Core Values

The Olupona Foundation hold the following core values: Performance, Equality, Accountability, Commitment, and Engagement (PEACE) dear to its heart and at the front and center of all its activities.

Performance – The programs and activities we engage in are first and foremost value and result oriented. We always adopt a no non-sense approach that brings value to both our contributors and beneficiaries.

Equality – At the Olupona Foundation, we strongly believe that all individuals are not only created equal but should also be given the same chances. We strive to achieve such balance in all of our areas of action.

Accountability – Because we are entrusted by our contributors to execute our mission, the Foundation owes them the greatest level of scrutiny when it comes to the responsible and careful use of time and resources.

Commitment – The Foundation commitment is rooted within the core belief that we can help helping better Nigerian society through education and youth empowerment. This belief and our passion help us stay focused on solving the complex problems faced in Nigeria.

Engagement – Our work could not be effective without the engagement of our contributors, beneficiaries and the Nigerian community. Outstanding engagement in all of our activities is what keep our Foundation alive and growing.

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