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Welcome to the
The Olupona Foundation

Our vision is of a socially, economically and spiritually strong Nigeria made possible through education, peace and equal opportunity for all. Help us make it a reality!

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The Olupona Foundation
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Our Programs

The Olupona Foundation strives to make a difference in Nigeria through the education of future leaders. Our goal is to bring peace and stability in Nigeria by giving the youth the tools to become leaders that will inspire and uplift the entire Nigerian community.

About Us

The Olupona Foundation was established by Jacob Olupona to continue the Oluponas’ work in projects that reflect his parents’ dedication to Nigerian community, their commitment to education, and desire to expand religious dialogue and understanding.

Take Action

We need your help to make a difference and shape Nigeria’s future. Many individuals count on your support and there are so many different ways you can contribute.

Problems We Address

One of the most pressing issues in Nigeria is the lack of access to quality education. Lack of funding for infrastructures, quality curriculum and engaging teachers greatly impact Nigeria’s ability to provide its citizen with the future they deserve. Nigeria has the most highest number of children out of school. With a population increasing rapidly and ongoing conflicts destroying schools, there is an urgent need to rebuild the Nigerian school system.


With your help, the Foundation will work to reverse this trend and provide Nigerian students with the help they need to bring success and prosperity to their communities.


Sadly, in the absence of education, and in the context of extreme poverty, violence is often the result. According the Global Peace Index, Nigeria is ranked #6 among the 10 most dangerous countries in Africa. Nigeria continues to be shaken by religious wars resulting in a high number of civilian casualties. Specifically, the campaign of terror by Boko Haram has been responsible for nearly half of all civilian deaths in African war zones in 2014 and more than 1 million people been displaced as civilians flee their homes fearing violence.


The Olupona Foundation is dedicated to provide future Nigerian leaders and influencers with the education needed to end the vicious circle of violence resulting from a lack of education and from poverty.

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